Sf Decorators Showcase

The library tells a story, a layered tale of dark and light. It is a study in contrast, an homage to classic and contemporary, a marriage between old and new. We call it the Bibliotheek. The bespoke Edwardian architecture is infused with modern flair, old-world elegance that feels fresh, current, and inspired. Illuminated portraits by Kobus and Rembrandt are set against a canvas of rich charcoal hues, traditional friezes and crisp, white plaster. Martin reinvents the portraits as one-of-a-kind light boxes, printed on silk and lit from within. Golden halos of light are suspended above. The bibliotheek can be enjoyed as a lounge for cocktails, as an intimate tete-a-tete by the fire, or as a literary retreat in peaceful solitude.

Photographer: Douglas Friedman